A FFA help request from a Guy…

Hey FFA,

I’m a guy here with a problem I am looking from a predominately female perspective on. I searched the sub to no real avail. I also want to make it clear in this post I’m not looking for relationship advice, though aware to some extent it may be unavoidable. I’m aware I may catch some flack for this so here goes…

Anyway, I’ve been dating a pretty great (and beautiful) girl for about a year. I have always been quite stylish guy myself and she… not *at all*. I know her through work, where she always made an effort but outside work its a very different story and I didn’t realise this through our work interactions. We joked early on how this would make us incompatible.

Fast forward to know and I’ve realised that a general sense of style is quite important to me. She has stated that she doesn’t care at all about “that stuff” but to me I see it as sloppy.

I want to be clear, after a bit of googling this topic a lot of guys say stuff like “I want my GF to wear more revealing clothes”. This is not what I’m looking for. What I am looking for is a sense of style, some sense of being “put together”.

She wears clothes from Gap she bought in high school. She really just doesn’t put much effort into style. There’s no real cohesion about anything which I’d love to see. I’ve never once seen her wear a dress on the weekend and it actually makes me sad. Going back to my sloppy comment, her underwear is all like faded underwear from GAP, her bras are so old they are all like… wrinkly and misshapen which I can’t imagine is good for her bust.

Anyway, I want to try and change this, but aware it might be tough. I’d like to see her upgrade like…. everything. I have dropped hints, and joked about it which has been brushed over. I have thought about buying her stuff as gifts but unsure how that might be received. I’d like to be more direct and talk about it but i don’t want to cause offense.

Any girls able to help a guy out?


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