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A Hard, Average-Sized Look at Nico Tortorella’s New Penis Poem

Younger star Nico Tortorella, a Jared Leto type, has released a new book of poems that dives head-first into the performer’s interest in human sexuality. Featuring titles like “penis”, “menstruation”, and “vagina,” the meanings behind the pieces are a real mystery. Vulture published an exclusive excerpt from the forthcoming collection, …

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With ‘Westworld’, Lisa Joy Is Rewriting Women’s Power Story Line in Hollywood and Beyond

It is early November in Los Angeles, almost one month to the day since the Harvey Weinstein stories broke, and I am standing outside the office of writer-director-producer Lisa Joy. Joy and Jonathan Nolan, her husband and creative partner, are the brain trust behind HBO’s big-budget drama Westworld, whose second …

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How Canadian Artist Maxwell Burnstein is Addressing the Irony of Millennial Culture

Are memes art? They can be. By Meghan McKenna Date April 17, 2018 icon-facebook icon-twitter With his new immersive installation, Irreverent Youth, Toronto-based creative Maxwell N. Burnstein is disrupting the hype of ironic Internet art, exploring meme culture and millennial subtexts through an analog practice. Rather than crafting collages with the copy and …

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