Cheap Versions Of Iconic Expensive Items

Expensive Version|Cheap Version|Thoughts
[**Margiela Replica Sneakers(GATs)**](|[**Adidas BW Army**](|Margiela Replicas are debatably the most iconic designer sneaker, but the adidas GAT is actually the original. The adidas are an excellent alternative that will hold up a lot longer that the Bundeswehr GATs you can get on eBay.
[**Common Projects Achilles Low**](|[**Kent Wang Handgrade Sneakers**](|Common Projects are iconic shoes that rarely go on sale. There are plenty of shoes that will look similar to common projects when they’re brand new, but one of the best parts of common projects is how long they last and look good. Kent Wang sneakers are semi-comparable in quality, and won’t look awful after wear and tear. For $145.00 they are not the cheapest plain white sneaker, but they will last a look a lot better when worn than most all white shoes.
[**Thom Browne Shawl Cardigan**](|[**Inverallan 6a Cardigan**](|Thom Browne is famous for luxury and this cardigan is no exception. Unfortunately this specific jacket will cost you well over $1000. Scottish Knitwear brand Inverallen makes a cardigan with an almost identical knit pattern. At just under $300 this one is debatably higher quality and has the added advantage of being handmade in Scotland.
[**Schott 141 Classic Motorcycle Jacket**](|[**Vanquish Nappa Jacket**](|The Leather Motorcycle Jacket is a timeless look and Schotts 141 Jacket is no exception. This more minimal leather jacket will still run you from 800-1000 dollars. Designer versions of this jacket will take you over two grand. The Vanquish Nappa Jacket achieves that same look for a lot less. With full leather construction and a moto collar, this jacket is one sale for about $350!
[**Saint Laurent Teddy**](|[**Maison Kitsuné Teddy**](|The Saint Laurent Teddy jacket is one of the most iconic pieces to come out of Slimanes time at the helm of YSL. This jacket retails at $2,550 and will never go on sale. Maison Kitsuné makes a very similar looking teddy for about a 10th of the price. Not quite as thick and heavy as the SLP one this jacket still has the iconic look at a much cheaper price point. I could only find it in navy and grey, not the classic black.

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