Color palette discussion fun time!

What are your experiences with wardrobe color palettes? Do you prefer to choose something and stick with it until the end of time, or do your color choices change from season to season? Has your color palette evolved over time, and if so, why and what has influenced those changes? Have you ever completely ditched your old color palette and started over from scratch? If so, how did you go about deciding on your new palette? So many questions!

I’ve been thinking a lot about color palettes lately because a shift in mine seems to have been sneaking up on me. For the past three years my wardrobe had been built upon a base of greyscale neutrals with some jewel tones (burgundy, deep teal, plum, etc) mixed in, but over the past year some warmer tones (red, burnt sienna, rust orange, and mustard) have started to work their way in and have been really growing on me. Then, this past fall, despite an eternity of only buying black, grey, and oxblood shoes, I purchased a pair of tan boots and a pair of blush pink sneakers. I couldn’t determine why, but those particular colors just felt right! I’ve even been considering olive green trousers, oh the humanity!

So, tell me all about your color palettes! I’m so curious to hear about everyone’s experiences and inspirations.

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