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Converse’s All Star Lifts Support Artists and Empowers the Community

On April 10th, Converse released a double-stacked shoe silhouette that seeks to be community-supportive, artistically friendly and vastly empowering. Boasting a little bit of extra height, the Chuck Taylor All Star Lift aims to inspire young girls to “follow their dreams and lift themselves above and beyond.”

The stacked shoe silhouette is comfortable and clean. Adding that extra layer of artistic quality, Converse worked alongside Toronto-based creatives like visual artist Babbu, dancer and actress Jordan Clark and musician Ally Moves. At the sneaker release party in Toronto, the label offered a safe and empowering space where people could interact with each other and take photographs on a teeter-totter. Guests were invited to customize their stacked shoes with limited artist-designed prints for the sole or take their footwear to Babbu to create on-site design work on the pale silhouette.

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