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This fall I instructed college courses for the first time, and the work has been amazing. Going into it, I also hoped to look the part, but had previously worked in an office setting and didn’t want to have a “business/executive” vibe. I am also, by most standards, rather young for a professor, and also hoped to convey professionalism and maturity to set myself apart from students (whereas many of my older peers can get away with jeans and converse sneakers in their classrooms).

To start, I spent some time gathering some inspiration. I am really drawn to Oxford Chic-type looks, but while sifting through ideas while also evaluating my current wardrobe, I found the common factors tended to be:

* Colors black, gray, shades of blue
* Layers, especially with blazers
* Occasionally texture
* Fitted in the arms and through the thigh, visual divides at the waist and hip

[Compiled Inspiration Album](

As I assembled pieces throughout the semester, I realized I could not fully replicate most of what I considered inspirational. Most of my pieces that worked in an office setting were able to translate over to academia, but the vibe wasn’t quite there.

[Compiled Outfits for Fall 2017](

What are some ways this wardrobe could be augmented, remixed, or improved to better cast a vibe of my inspiration pieces? (ETA: Is there any part of it that is actually working?) And if you are a teacher (college or elsewhere) what are some of your inspirations, and outfit go-to’s? I am interested in your feedback and experiences!

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